2018 saw a number of dancers continue to display their influence on the culture but also introduced us to a few new faces that have led the way in influencing styles this year. Below is a list of dancers we have highlighted that have shaped & influenced culture this year. 


Salif Lasource broke the internet towards the second half of 2018 when he took to the streets of France to perform a Michael Jackson inspired routine that saw him moonwalk for a very very long time. The video was subsequently shared by the likes of The Rock, Worldstar & Complex catapaulting Salif into internet fame. He has since appeared on Ellen and performed at The Ballon D’or awards. His unique style MJ inspired dance style has drawn the attention of the masses and inspired a number of renditions from fans and dancers around the world. 


Riehata is always on tis list. The Tokyo native always brings a unique and swaggy feel to every song she dances to. On top of this, her style is really what sets her apart from the pack with the dancer self-proclaiming herself as “The Queen Of Swag”. 


Zigi has made waves in the Afro dance world this year following the creation of his own signature dance; the “Kupe” with an accompanying song. This dance sits alongside other viral afro dance moves such as the Shaku Shaku, the Zanku and the Gwara Gwara. The Ghana native has become somewhat of a dance darling for the nation with his energetic dance videos making the waves on the internet this year

7) AYO & TEO

Ayo & Teo have firmly made a name for themselves in music with the release of their platinum record “Rolex” however they are still very much influencers within the dance world and have continued to lead the way in what has been often termed “Trend Dancing”. Memphis Jookin, Hittin Dem Folks and reversing have remained staples within their unique dance style that continues to influence kids on both sides of the pond. 


Lil Zoo was crowned the winner at this year’s Red Bull BC One breakdance championships this year and it was well deserved after consistently showing why he is one of the most energetic and creative breakdancers doing it right now


Fikshun has continued to please audiences across the world this year with his eye-capturing moves and signature movement. From dope collaborations to dope solos, it’s no surprise to see why Fikshun has seen his fan base grow significantly this year. 


Since winning NBC’s World Of Dance last year, the twin brothers have used their talent and abilities to permeate a number of other industries, highlighted by their collaborations with Jordan, Diesel & Balmain. Their unique dance style which was introduced to the world nearly a decade ago now has stood the test of time with dancers around the world still mirroring and emulating their movement. 


Kida The Great has been a workaholic this year with a HUGE amount of dance videos being release; most notably his #KidasKitchen series which has seen him team up with friends and family (including Jabari Timmons) to create short dance videos to popular HipHop songs. He has teamed up with numerous brands including 0NE37pm, BET, MTV & ESPN for projects that have seen him showcase his infectious style to the masses. 


LiteFeet is a style that has really taken off in a big way in 2018 and Kid The Wiz & the Waffle Crew have pioneered this movement. The New York natives have become known for their signature subway turnup videos in performances that see the crew perform acrobatic moves and signature LiteFeet choreography to uptempo tracks. The style has been adopted by dancers around the world producing a number of dance videos paying homage to the LiteFeet trend. 


Aliya Janell has arguably been the biggest breakout dance star this year. Her QueensNLettos brand has become more than just dance with the dancer using the brand as a vehicle to produce incredible dance videos, tour North America, teach aspiring dancers and provide female empowerment to women around the world. Her videos have been shared by the likes of Worldstar, Complex, Trey Songz, Chris Brown to name a few. She has also been recruited by the likes of Nicki Minaj to choreograph music videos and live performances. Subsequently Aliya has seen her fan base grown massively this year. 

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