This year it seemed as though there was a new dance being created every week, but only a few truly had the fuel needed to really go viral. There have been some dances that have kept pace from 2017, so this list reflects what has been the most popular trends that have happened this year

5) Memphis Jookin

Memphis Jookin has remained a popular dance style this year with dancers such as Lil Buck & Ayo & Teo popularising the footwork heavy dance style. 

4) Shaku Shaku

With the continuous rise in popularity of Afrobeats music, the Nigerian dance, Shaku Shaku has made its way into popular dance culture with choreographers around the world incorporating this into their routines. Other moves such as the Gwara Gwara (South Africa) and the Zanku (Nigeria) have made their way into internet virality too. 

3) Hit My Woah

The Hit My Woah has taken off towards the second half of 2018, with the dance being popularised by numerous American dancers. 

2) Shoot Dance

Despite taking off towards the end of last year, the shoot dance reached new heights this year following the release of Blocboy JB’s “Look Alive” with dancers and fans using the shoot as the go to dance whenever the song drops

1) LiteFeet

Litefeet without a shadow of a doubt has been the most popular dance trend this year with the dance style being pioneered by a number of New York based dancers including, Kid The Wiz, the Waffle Dance crew, Emilie Brooklyn etc. The energetic dance style has been adopted by dancers and fans across the world


Flossin, The Roy Purdy, Gun Lean, Gwara Gwara the Harlem Shake also deserve honourable mentions for trends that have shaped dance culture this year. 



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