Ayo & Teo have taken the time this week to use their platform to raise awareness for bone cancer and have launched the #swabchallenge for people to take part in to help spread the message. 

The brothers dropped their dance challenge video on Instagram earlier today to showcase the simple steps for people to take part in. The dance involves a simple move of rotating your arms left and right whilst bouncing your knees at the same tine. 

70% of cancer patients who need a lifesaving bone marrow transplant rely on a complete stranger for a donation. But not everyone has the same chance of finding a donor match.

White Americans have the highest chance of finding a match (77%). Meanwhile, black patients only have a 23% chance, which is the lowest of all racial groups. The most successful transplants come from people ages 18-44.

The brothers have been insanely busy during the first half of 2018 so far with performances in Dubai, London and numerous cities in the USA, not to mention continuing to drop the dopest dance videos on the internet. 

Check out the video below to see how you can help!

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