We hooked up with the creators of the renowned “Asia Camp” to talk all things Dance and got the behind the scenes story on the journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most established dance camps in the world.

We also got the low-down on what the founders Moon & WeiWei have got planned for the future. 

Check out our exclusive interview with the Asia Camp founders below!


What was the inspiration behind starting Asia Camp?

 The idea for the camp up when Moon and his wife Weiwei were in McDonald’s in the U.S.

I’ve always wanted to set up a dance event in Asia and whilst we were sat in there, we thought it would be an amazing idea to start a dance camp on our side of the globe!

Asia has an abundance of beaches, 5-Star hotels and a HUGE dance community. Since there was no such project in Asia at that time we decided to call it Asia camp and the rest is history!

What are some of the early challenges you faced in setting up the summer camp?

We had a hard time choosing the site . There was alot of back and forthness over whether we would choose Phuket or Bali. 

Bali has beautiful scenery, and is a very popular holiday destination so this made it a hard decision. 

Although it wasn’t an issue for those living in Asia as to whether they could go to Bali or Thailand, we thought it may be too much of an issue for our European audience to jet to Bali at an affordable price. This amongst other factors  swayed us into choosing Phuket as the final camp site.

In your own words, what does Asia Camp stand for and what is its main purpose?

 Asia Camp is a place where you can “Keep Your Dream Alive” We have trained in urban dance for years myself  and my wish was to give my students a comprehensive training experience by choosing great teachers from a variety of different styles and backgrounds”

Moon: “Asia Camp is NOT just a place where famous dancers come to perform and merely showcase their talents, it is more of an experience which takes the students on a path to become better, more professional dancers”

Where do you see Asia Camp in the next 5 to 10 years?

I’ve been asked wether we’ll move AsiaCamp to different places a lot, and I think it’s not impossible. We have plans to set up the camp in multiple locations internationally and plan to create our own tour. 


Also we might do a music festival and hope to collaborate with artists to incorporate dance and music into our brand. 

We want Asia Camp to be a staple in the music AND dance industry so that it can become an event not just for dancers, but for lovers of music and entertainment. 

What are your thoughts on the progression of the urban dance culture in the last few years?

I’d say that social media has elevated dancers to heights not see before and they are now more popular than they’ve ever been

The value of dance videos, trends and other related dance content has increased and is now being embraced by artists and labels to help boost their own popularity.

Moon: “This new relationship with the entertainment industry has been very good for the development of urban dance in the past 10 years and will be better in the future”

Who can attendees expect from the camp in August?

Our students of Asia Camp can not only learn awesome choreos from the best choreographers in the world but they’ll also have an extraordinary experience which can lead them on a path to become better more rounded dancers .

We wish to provide a platform for the both Asian dancers and beyond to collaborate with international crews on stage. This is how our showcase will be born. 

This year we also have some special plans for students. We will be introducing a BATTLES in this years event. 

We want to pay homage to the origins of the urban dance by incorporating traditional hip hop practices into our this years event”


Check out footage from last year’s camp below!

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